Are you ready? Christmas is just 10 days away! I seem to wait later and later each year to get started… I still have over half of my shopping to do, all the wrapping, Christmas dinner planning and shopping, haven’t baked a thing (but then, we probably don’t need the extra calories anyway)…. but actually I enjoy doing all of those things, so although it’s hectic, I enjoy it all. And Daughter comes home from college in 2 days, I can’t wait!!

Did you get your Christmas issue of the free emagazine? I whipped that one up in a hurry… but I hope you liked it anyway 🙂  I had such a great response to the Red and White Quilt Pattern in the issue, I am making it available as a FREE PDF pattern to anyone who subscribes during the month of December- so please tell your friends. If you are already a subscriber, this week I’m going to send out the PDF link for just the pattern, for easier printing (it’s the same pattern included in the emagazine)- so keep your eye out for that email. If you’re not signed up yet, just enter your email in the box at the upper right, and you’ll get the Red and White pattern, as well as a special issue of the emagazine which is just for subscribers.


I also asked you on Instagram and Facebook to choose your favorite cover- the winner, with 59% of the vote, was cover A. I like both of them for different reasons- “A” looks more like a standard magazine cover, but “B” gives more of a hint as to all the goodies inside. What do you think??


(By the way, if you are already a subscriber, but did not get your issue last week, it is most likely in your spam folder. Or, you may have unsubscribed and need to sign up again. Please check out the Frequently Asked Questions page (it’s actually for the Block of the Month, but all of the details are similar.) The FAQ page has tips for “finding” lost emails, etc. (Unfortunately, it’s getting harder and harder for me to answer individual emails with technical questions, so I’ve set up the FAQ page to help you trouble shoot on your own- most of the time the solution is very simple.)

And… I am actually working on a Winter issue, to be released in January. I have really been wanting to do a hexie project- I keep seeing them everywhere and they’re just so darn adorable. I tried making hexies once, at a workshop, but they were kind of small, and we were just turning under the edges and stitching as we went. I had trouble and gave up quickly (blaming it on my short stubby fingers!) So this time, I decided to try making the hexies quite large- 4 1/2″ across- and I pressed the edges under with an iron first. So much easier! And the big hexies make the project go super-fast. Next time, I’ll try using smaller hexies, and I’ll once again press under the edges with an iron (and try not to burn my fingers!). I have to admit- they’re so enjoyable to make, I’m getting hooked!


Are you finding time to stitch this busy season? Trying to finish up holiday gifts- or will you just be grateful to get the shopping and wrapping done?? I know many of you have been a little busy and have fallen behind on your Block of the Month… no worries! We are going to have a fun “catching up” event in January, so stay tuned!!

(PS today I am linking to WIPWednesday over at Freshly Pieced blog.)



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