Cover-The Art of Home Companion Winter 2015- Jacquelynne Steves

Did you get your free Winter 2015 issue of The Art of Home Companion emagazine? No???? Oh my- you will want to get your link! It has lovely projects like this:

The Art Of Home-Winter2015 Free Emagazine-Jacquelynne Steves

And recipes like this:

The Art Of Home- Winter2015 Free Emagazine Recipes- Jacquelynne Steves

PLUS, the issue has some other fun goodies! To sign up to make sure you don’t miss a thing, just put your name in the box in the upper right sidebar of this page- this month when you sign up, you’ll also get a FREE pattern for a Red and White Quilt! AND you will receive a link to the emagazine archive page, so you can easily find all of the previous issues. And of course, Please Share this post with your friends so they can get their free gifts as well!

On a personal note, today I’m thinking of my Grandmom. Today she would have been 89 years old. We lost her a year and a half ago, and I think about her all the time. My china closet is full of dishes and kitchen gadgets that she gave me when she was moving house, and of course I often think about how she taught me to sew and cook. How I loved to spend time at her house when I was young. I miss you Grandmom, you and Grandpop are always so close, in my heart and in my wonderful childhood memories spent with you. I know we’ll meet again some day.


Lovely Day Tulip Art- Jacquelynne Steves

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