I can’t believe it’s almost Mother’s Day- I feel like I “lost” almost the entire month of April by being away, then being sick, and getting over jet lag. And I don’t know about what it’s like where you are, but here it is cold and gray and rainy- not feeling at all like May!

What kinds of gifts to do you give for Mother’s Day? Sometimes, I buy flowers, sometimes I’ll purchase a little something at the gift shop, and sometimes I make something. I do have several people whom I celebrate Mother’s Day with- my mom, mother-in-law, sister, sister-in-law, friends, etc., so I often need several gifts. And, let’s face it- I’m not usually one to plan ahead for these things, so making several gifts at the last minute can be tricky!

But, I do have an idea which is quick, fun, and uses up that stash of cottons and wools (and the button jar!) in my studio. For many years, I have been making wool flower pins- in fact, that’s how my business as a quilt designer got started! Here is the short story: I was making wool pins and selling them at quilt shows as a charity project. I was already designing and making my own quilts (mostly because I’m terrible at following directions…) so I thought I might as well try to write out some of my designs and sell them at the shows.


I have 3 different pin patterns which use wool and/or cotton. If you don’t have wool, you can use craft felt. I think my favorite part about making the pins is going through my scrap baskets and button jar and playing with all different kinds of combinations of colors and textures. I sold hundreds and hundreds (maybe thousands) of pins- and no 2 were ever the same. And when I say scraps, I do mean scraps- these are little projects! So, even with less than a week until Mother’s Day, you can make a whole pile of these! They are also great for gifts any time of year- maybe for a secret sister or guild swap. You can spend an afternoon or 2 making a bunch of them, and then have them on hand for last minute handmade gifts.

This week, through Sunday May 8, 2016 (Mother’s Day in the U.S.), you can get my pin pattern bundle for just $2.99! Sold separately, the patterns would be $12, and normally the bundle is $6.99, which is already a great deal. Please Click Here.

At $2.99 for the bundle, that’s over 75% off!!!

Hurry! This ends at midnight EDT on Sunday May 8, 2016!!!

The pin shown above is made with wool (or felt) and cotton.

The one below (my favorite!) is called the Scrappy Quilt-y Pin- it’s perfect for practicing your machine quilting skills! I love it because it looks like you found an old quilt in the attic and cut it up into a flower (which I would never do- but I love the look!)


Finally, this one is called the Ruffled Flower Pin (for obvious reasons) and it has a lot of options for using wool and/or cotton and even ribbon, so you can get really creative with it:


Flower pins are great for dressing up a lapel on a coat or jacket, or a purse or tote (free reversible purse tutorial can be found here):



Don’t forget- the sale ends soon! Click here!


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